Chicken Karma

Chicken Karma

Monday, 27 July 2015

"BUSHY TALES" Launches on GoComics!

The BIG NEWS for us this week is the launch of BUSHY TALES by Universal Uclick syndicate on the huge GoComics website. The strip joins some of the biggest names in the world of cartooning on the website and you can subscribe (free) to receive BUSHY TALES in your email every day of the week.

If you do join GoComics (totally free) you get your own comics page, the ability to save favourites and have various well as the opportunity of engaging and interacting with other comics fans and creators through the "comments" section for every cartoon featured on the site.

Alternatively, you can purchase a PRO Membership (for a small annual fee) that gives you even more extra benefits.

We would love it if you elected to subscribe to receive BUSHY TALES.....the success of the comic strip on such a website is gauged by the number of subscribers it has which, in turn, generates more advertising interest and other publishing opportunities.

And, besides, there are a lot worse things in life than receiving a free BUSHY TALES strip in your Inbox every day, aren't there?

To check it out, and subscribe, simply follow the link.....

Thanks heaps! We really appreciate your support.
And please...don't forget to spread the word about BUSHY TALES to your family and friends...and help us with the 
wombatification of the world!

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