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Chicken Karma

Monday, 20 July 2015

It's good to be back!

Well, I've had a few weeks off from blogging.....some time away on holidays, as well as a lot of extra work getting ready for the launch of BUSHY TALES on GoComics next Monday, July 27th....more on that next week. 
But now I'm back on deck and hitting the blogosphere once more!


This annual event was held at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery in Coffs Harbour last Saturday. It was the first time I had been able to go down and be there for the Awards night and it was a great experience. 
There were six different sections to the awards, recognizing some of the various types of cartoons (political, caricatures, comic strip, etc)....and, all up, over 600 cartoons were submitted. Each of the categories was very hotly contested and the quality of the cartoons was truly quite inspiring.
I had entered some of the BUSHY TALES strips in the Best Comic Strip section. 
Whilst I did not win, or get the runner-up award, I was very pleased to have one of the BT strips judged as one of the five finalists in the category. The strip that was so honoured is this one shown here.....
I really enjoyed drawing this particular strip and it was a buzz for me to have it presented as one of the finalists in the Comic Strip category, especially considering the exceptional quality of the other entries.
Next year I hope BUSHY TALES might be able to do even better!

I'd like to acknowledge the great job that Fran Stephenson and her team of volunteers do in organizing this incredible showcase of Australian Cartooning talent.

If you are down in Coffs Harbour, do yourself a favour and get along to The Bunker Cartoon Gallery, John Champion Way, Coffs Harbour. It is the only cartoon gallery in Australia and one of the largest cartoon collections in the Southern Hemisphere.


Since the last blog (too long ago), Doug has taken up the great game of golf. You might remember he was struck by a golf ball driven by Snoopy when he (Doug) was on his journey back to his old home. It must have left an impression on him because it was soon after he arrived back at the Bluff that Doug started swinging the ol' clubs. He's not yet mastered the game (who of us ever does?) but he is enjoying it nonetheless. Watch out for Doug on your local never know where he might turn up for a game.
Here are the first BUSHY TALES golfing strips....

Well, that's it for this week.
Until next week!

Joyfully yours,


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