Chicken Karma

Chicken Karma

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

New WOMBAT RAPPER Tee-shirts!

A new tee shirt design featuring Doug as the Wombat Rapper has just been released.
It is only available during a three week Teespring campign, so you'll have to get in quickly to order yours.
There are several different designs and styles (tee shirts and sweatshirts), as well as different sizes and colours to choose from.
Purchasing one of these great tee shirts will help publicize the BUSHY TALES comic strip, as well as give you something really fun and eye-catching to wear.


To order your shirt go to:

Missing BUSHY TALES Sunday Strip....

Last week saw the launch of BUSHY TALES on the GoComics website. It was a special week for us....except for one strange thing....
For some reason, the Sunday strip that was meant to appear on August 2nd simply failed to materialize! I don't know why it didn't appear. I have tried to find out but, as yet, no one has let me know what the problem/cause was. I am certainly hoping it was just a one-off glitch and does not happen again because, to be quite honest, the Sunday BUSHY TALES strips are my favourites....and I am really excited about introducing them to a whole lot of new readers.
Not only that, but the one I had selected to be the very first Sunday BT strip to appear on GoComics was one of my all-time favourites (and one that I thought a lot of people would really enjoy, too).

So....if you were following the first week of BUSHY TALES on the GoComics site and noticed that there was no new strip for it is now.
Enjoy! (And share it around, if you like.)

Well, that's it for this week.
Until next week!

Joyfully yours,


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