Chicken Karma

Chicken Karma

Monday, 16 March 2015


Doug's Road Trip Into His Past

When Doug the Wombat first came to the Bluff, it was as a survivor of a wild bush-fire that destroyed his home and, as far as he knew, his family.

Of course, he soon found another home at the Bluff and was accepted into the "family" of wacky characters that live there. But, over time, Doug has increasingly been wondering what his old home is like now. So, recently, he has been thinking about going back to find out.

And so begins what will be a developing story line for quite a few weeks. It will be the longest running theme I have attempted with BUSHY TALES so far and, to be honest, I am quite excited about the potential for some interesting adventures that Doug and his travelling companions will encounter along the way.

Today I share with you the strips that have been leading into this incredible journey. I will continue with the series updates over the weeks ahead. 

I hope you enjoy the journey!

Next Week.....In next week's blog I'll be answering some of your questions (you can still send your questions to ).
Also, I'll be presenting a new page of activities for younger readers!
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Until next week!

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