Chicken Karma

Chicken Karma

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


A couple of weeks ago I enjoyed travelling down to Coffs Harbour (in northern New South Wales) for the annual Rotary Cartoon Awards presentation.

This was the 28th edition of the awards and it is one of the only two truly national events held each year for Australian cartoonists. The other one is, of course, the annual Stanley Awards, the major event of the Australian Cartoonist's Association.

As the name indicates, the Rotary Club (of Coffs Harbour) is the major sponsor of the awards each year, and the event has also had wonderful sponsorship and support from the local City Council and numerous other sponsors.
It really is a significant event in the calendar of cartoonists and cartoon lovers.

The Awards presentation and subsequent exhibition is held at The Bunker Cartoon Gallery, Australia's only dedicated cartoon gallery. It is an iconic building and environment, being centred in a refurbished World War 2 military bunker (hence the name). The Bunker gallery has a truly wonderful staff of volunteers who do an amazing job, not just with the Awards night, but throughout the whole year, showcasing the incredible heritage and quality of Australian cartoons/cartoonists, running workshops and many other associated activities.
If every you find yourself in Coffs Harbour, do yourself a favour and visit The Bunker Cartoon Gallery, John Champion Way. Coffs Harbour. You can also check out the website:

Personally, I love going to Coffs Harbour for a number of reasons....It is a beautifully scenic spot on the northern NSW is great to catch up with other cartooning mates...and it is where Robyn, my wife, and I honeymooned many years ago (40 in January to be exact!).

As usual, the standard of work on display was of exceptional quality across the range of the various cartooning "disciplines".....caricature, political, comic strip, sports, etc. 
I had entered some of my BUSHY TALES strips in the event and, whilst I did not win a prize, it was a great honour just to have my work hung on the walls alongside some true cartooning legends. And it is always a rare treat to spend time with such talented colleagues. 

The first photo shows the group of cartoonists who assembled on the night of the presentation. The second photo is of yours truly with one of the hung BUSHY TALES strips.

It was a great night....the winners were all very deserving of their awards, the opportunity to catch up with old (and newer) friends was terrific, and the chance to visit Coffs again was an additional bonus.
I am already looking forward to the 2017 Rotary Cartoon Awards in Coffs harbour! 

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