Chicken Karma

Chicken Karma

Monday, 13 April 2015

The Sojourners' Journey Journal....

The Continuing Travels and Travails of Doug and His Friends.

A few weeks ago Doug, along with Sugar and Jack, set out on an expedition back to Doug's old home. He barely escaped some years earlier from a bushfire that destroyed his home and family. He remembers very little about his early life, so he has set off to fill in some of the missing pieces of his life's puzzle and to see what his old home is like now.

Unfortunately, what sounded relatively simple in theory is proving to be more challenging in actuality. Along the way (which Doug does not remember very well, anyhow) our three travellers entered a strange city, whereupon Jack and Sugar were abducted. But for the intervention of Wombatman, Doug may have been continuing on his journey alone.
Thankfully, the three friends are still together, but, together, they are still lost.

On the upside, they are meeting some very interesting characters as they try and find their way out of the city and on to their destination (wherever that might be).
Here are a few more of the daily episodes of their journey....

For those of our readers not aware of these other characters, they are (in order)....
  • Lil (from the DIAMOND LIL comic strip by Brett Koth)
  • Brutus Thornapple (from THE BORN LOSER by Art and Chip Sansom)
  • Andy Cap (from the ANDY CAPP comic strip, originally drawn by Reg Smythe)
This coming week will see even more interesting characters, and surprise twists, featured in this series of "crossover" strips.
Stay tuned for more fun and games!


GoComics is the largest comic strip portal on the internet. It is the web-based arm of Universal-UClick (formerly Universal Features and United Media syndicates) and features a huge range of the world's most popular comics.

BUSHY TALES is (at the moment) featured in the "second string" section of the GoComics selection of strips....and we hope it will not be too long before we get an invitation to the "big table". We'll certainly let you know if and when this next step in the syndication process takes place.

In the meantime, you can register (free) to receive BUSHY TALES (and as many of the other great features as you like on the GoComics site) in your email...or just go online to read it whenever you like.
The website address is:
And if you want to find BUSHY TALES go directly to...

We'd be honoured to have you show your support for the strip in this way.
To be honest....we are thankful to everyone for any, and all, the support they can give! 
Cartooning has always been a tremendously competitive and cut-throat business, but I reckon it has got considerably worse with a shrinking newspaper market and everything being able to be accessed easily and freely online these days.
So, yes, your support means a lot to us. Thanks.

Till next time.....

Joyfully yours,


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